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Fender Toronado History

Made In Mexico

The Toronado (013-0700) was introduced in 1998 and built in Mexico in the Ensenada factory.

At the time the following colours were available,

06 Black,
09 Candy Apple Red,
32 Brown Sunburst,
80 Arctic White

(Source 1999 Frontline.)

In 2002 the above colours were discontinued one's below introduced.

06 Black
43 Pewter
63 Graffiti Yellow
96 Orange

(Source 2003 Frontline.)

This model has now been discontinued.

The USA Models.

The American Special Toronado was introduced in 2002 along its Mexican counterpart.

It was available in either Crimson Transparent or Butterscotch finishes and with either,

Atomic Humbucker II pickups (11-0700)
or De-9000 Black Doves (P90 Style) (011-0600).

At the present moment (08/10/2005) only the Humbucker HH version is available.

Other Models.

The Highway 1 Toronado was also introduced in 2003, a cost conscious line halfway between the Mexican and American lines (now discontinued) and I have also seen on the internet several Korean made Toronado's with set necks. (Not officially shown on any websites at the moment)