Visit to WD Music – Fort Myers

As most of our readers will know I often go to concerts, events and other music related events whilst on my travels and during our latest family holiday to Florida I took the opportunity to visit our long time sponsors and friends at WD Music located in North Fort Myers.

After a slight detour due to our rental car GPS confusing north with south I arrived at the WD Music store and warehouse to be warmly greeted by Larry Davis (Vice President) who gave me an extended tour of the facility.

WD Music is one of the biggest providers of spare parts for guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments both in-store and online. From pickups, bridges, tuners and other parts as we saw as we toured the facility they stock every part required to repair, modify or build your own instrument.

Parts are produced at many different locations around the world with strict supervision and control from the head office to ensure exacting standards are met.

As Larry Davis put it, they produce parts which are on par with American made items or better but at import prices, this allows us to make components that excel in quality but are affordable for our customers.

Aside from their huge amount of stock items WD Music also have an onsite facility to make custom pickguards. This allows the customer to send in their own pickguards to be replicated or new ones to the customer’s requirements.

It is important to note that even for standard instruments these can vary greatly. For example on a stock SG 61 reissue there are as many as six or seven variations on the stock instrument. Import instruments can also have variations from their original cousins.

After the tour we spoke at length at the current state of instrument building including the various shape patent lawsuits in progress and how this was affecting the industry.

If you happen to be in southwest Florida be sure to visit the WD Music guitar parts store otherwise please check out their website

By Ernest H Slade

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