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There are many effects pedals, out there with all sorts of variations on classic effects others, also try and improve upon these into new formats altogether. The Sonuus Wahoo breaks the mould and introduces a game changing pedal and combines classic analogue warmth with the convenience of digital control.

Built like a small tank !
Plenty of connectivity.

Equally suited to guitar or bass the Wahoo encompasses a range of authentic wah and filter effects, going through two vintage analogue synthesizer filters, which can work as a team or independently from each other. A pure analogue signal path allows warm and great sounding tones whilst, true bypass ensures your guitar’s signal remains clean when the pedal is not in use.

Each of the filters can be configured in several ways to achieve a more natural or synth like sound and human vowel sounds are also possible (good for all those Bon Jovi tunes !).

Sonuus have also gone to great lengths to provide maximum tweakablity both on and off stage. For live use, 100 preset sounds are provided with many classic and other “out there” sounds which can be selected from the front panel or very conveniently from the pedal itself. 100 user locations are also provided for storing your own sounds. A lock switch is also provided to avoid accidentally switching you preferred sound.

These can be changed on the pedal itself or with the freely available editor for Windows or MAC.

Construction of the unit is superb reminiscent of a small tank, solid aluminium is used in black and chrome and the unit certainly looks like it will be apt for live use. Most importantly Sonuus have replaced the classic potentiometer found in most wah pedals with a precise position sensor which they claim will never wear out.

Another useful thing to note is the ability of the device to draw power from various sources such as 9 volt supply, battery or USB although a Sonuus themselves mention USB power can be a bit noisy on certain PCs.

Control Panel
PC and MAC Editor Screen

Over to sounds the Wahoo certainly has a good variety of them, from the classic crybaby style tones, through to auto tracked effects, to all sorts of high and  low pass filters, they all seem authentic warm and will definitely bring the right wah sound to any song you perform.

It is also quite important to note that the pedal has quite a bit of travel but, if you prefer the short travel style of the usual classic wah pedals this can also be achieved by adding a rubber stopper and then recalibrating the pedal to ensure you have the full sweep of each effect.

In summary a very interesting and groundbreaking pedal from Sonuus.

By Ernest H Slade – (13-10-12)

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