Toto Concert Review - Canyon Theatre Club - Agoura Hills LA
19th April 2003

To see any concert is an event, to see a great band is a bonus, but to see a legendary super group perform in their hometown is certainly material for one of the best concerts anyone could hope for. Even more so when the band are top session musicians appearing in hit albums such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and who together form the world class act known as Toto with many worldwide hits such as Rosanna, Africa, and Hold the Line.

We were not to be disappointed. After a leisurely diner at the concert venue “The Canyon Theatre Club” located in Agoura Hills in Los Angeles, which by the way is a middle sized western style club, the band got ready to go on stage.

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Their introduction was amazing - a medley of songs from their debut album “Toto” and from their second album “Turn Back”, to include a completely updated version Girl Goodbye with African style drums, Goodbye Elenore, and an amazing performance of the instrumental Child's Anthem.

The reaction of the crowd was just amazing, and like myself, everyone seemed astounded at how good these guys are.

Every song sounded perfect and was charged with energy and emotion, you could tell the band was having a good time and it showed in their performance.

The audience rose to their feet when Toto played their most famous hits and the ambience in the club was intense. You could sense the enjoyment the music was transmitting to the audience.

All the members of Toto are amazing musicians, Bobby Kimball’s vocal range and style, Steve Lukather’s out of this world guitar solos, he even walked over the tables whist playing much to the audiences delight, David Paich’s ability on the keyboards are outstanding and can produce both excellent solos and lush sounds to suit the mood of each song.  Simon Philips never missed a beat and Mike Porcaro can sure punch out those basslines. A special mention also for Tony Spinner on backup guitar who did an incredible job on “Stop Loving You”.

A special mention was made for the late Jeff Porcaro and the recently deceased George Harrison when playing “When my Guitar Gently Weeps” from their new “Through the Looking Glass” album. Steve Lukather said they wouldn’t be here playing music if it weren’t for George Harrison’s influence.

For the encore they played “Home of the Brave” from my own personal favourite album “The Seventh One” which David Paich dedicated to world peace.

After the concert, by very special request we were allowed into the after show party. At the party which was mainly attended by those close to the band members, I was fortunate to meet and chat to Mike Porcaro, Steve Lukather, & Simon Philips, who very kindly signed a copy of their latest album.

A concert never to be forgotten.

Text and Photos by E H Slade