Tinlin “Shades of the Shadows” 
CD Review 08/01/2013


I’ve been listening to Tinlin’s latest release “Shade of the Shadows” for a couple of months now I would share my opinion with our readers.

As you know we’ve reviewed Tinlin’s earlier efforts on this site and this new title elevates their music to a new level.

Still present are their tight harmonies, individual style and infectious melodies but this new album takes the Tinlin style even further. Intricate lines, meaningful lyrics and sparingly added instruments combine to make an elegant soundscape.

The album brings us songs like “In These Arms” with its melancholy cello adding to the basic Tinlin sound together with interwoven mandolin lines.

Or “Play the Game” with its tranquil revolving hook and stand out harmonies sung in fifths.

Then “Find a way” takes us way with its mellow electric piano and Bossanova inspired rhythm leading to the feel good chorus.

And then you get to the to the last song and wait there is one extra bonus, keep listening and there is an almost eerie version of “Red Wine State of Mind” to finish off a superb album.

A great afternoon to relax by and let your cares float away.

By Ernest H Slade