Tinlin Live
CD Review – 15-11-11

 Most of the great vocal groups of our times have been made up of siblings take The Bee Gees, The Corrs or countless other examples. It’s like harmonising with oneself! Tinlin definitely prove the theory correct with brothers Alex and Rolf providing superb vocals in their own inimitable style.

Tinlin, are formed by siblings Alex and Rolf, who together write and perform all their own material, in an eclectic style which, is constantly changing to engulf the listener in a myriad of emotions and sounds.

Moving on the music their latest live CD is full of energy and enthusiasm which is captured well in this recording, bringing the band into your living room and challenging your aural senses with varied sonic textures.

Having seen Tinlin live, and also having reviewed their previous effort “Instant Pleasure”, I found myself singing along to most of the tracks, even though I have only known their music for about a year. Their infectious melody lines stay with you.

The whole CD plays well and creates a pleasant atmosphere throughout, relaxed for the slower numbers whilst the up-tempo numbers encourage one to “air drum” along to Jack Carracks percussive rhythms.

My preferred tracks carrying on from the songs I heard both live in concert and on Instant Pleasure are well represented such as Red Wine State of Mind” with its funky electric piano riff. I was also surprised by the acoustic version of “Never let you lie” which contrasts greatly to the full band version on the studio CD.

This track has it all, a catchy hook, a raucous middle eight and the final epic build up.

Other memorable songs such as “Soldier Boy” and “Restless Soul” give us an atmospheric laid back feel and indulge the listener which their rich harmonies intricate guitar picking, whilst numbers such as “Perdu” have a style influenced by classical folk and lute music

Be sure to get a copy of this great CD of quality music truly felt from the heart and also lookup Tinlin’s performances supporting Paul Carrack on his 2011/12 Tour.

By Ernest H Slade

Thanks to Tinlin for the review CD.

Please visit www.tinlinmusic.com for further information.

"Never Let You Lie" at St.Albans Live - Courtesy of Tinlin