Tinlin – Instant Pleasure
CD Review - 11-04-11

Some things in life just seem to impact you in such in enveloping way that you take to them instantly and make them part of your life.

This happened to me when I saw Tinlin recently perform, as the opening act for Paul Carrack (who we also review in this edition) I was so taken with the performance that I decided to contact them with a view to reviewing there new CD “Instant Pleasure”

Tinlin, are formed by siblings Alex and Rolf, both partners in the songwriting engine room of this duo whose core values relate to the production of well crafted and music that comes from the heart.

Their style is constantly in motion, in order to try and make the listener feel the emotion in their songs, which range from raw acoustic numbers to bigger productions featuring a full band.

Moving onto the music, one week later the CD arrived, which I proceeded to listen to with great anticipation.

Tinlin’s harmonies emanated from my speakers; with there ever present close and rich harmonies together with simple but yet infectious melodies. It’s quite amazing how two vocals, an acoustic guitar and mandolin can fill so much sonic space, although as with interior design sometimes it’s the purposefully left space which makes the room look elegant and uncluttered.

Standout tracks for me are “Lines” with swinging rhythm guitar, folk mandolin and strident vocals. “Red Wine State of Mind” with its funky electric piano riff and clever train announcer vocal effect, also has a great grove going.

The acoustic songs however such as “Soldier Boy” and “Restless Soul” with its laid back melancholy feel set a totally different atmosphere and seem to be the staple diet on which the successful Tinlin formula is based.

The whole CD has a very good flow and can be listened to start to end as the variety of songs and styles keep the listener intrigued and interested throughout.

As put by Tinlin themselves the songs transmit emotion and feeling and take the listener through different states of mind.

One song though which sounded a bit out of place however is “Never Let You Lie” although a great song (In fact one of my favourites during the concert)  I can’t help but feel the production here was rushed or perhaps was done on purposefully for effect?

I did actually speak to Alex from Tinlin and he mentioned that the track was one of the few band numbers on the album and that they were unsure on how to approach it; however the new live album will contain the acoustic version same as they perform during concerts.

It will certainly be interesting to hear the new acoustic version as soon as the new live album is released shortly, which we hope to review as well.

All in all a great collection of songs brimming with originality and style.

By Ernest H Slade

Thanks to Tinlin for the review CD and Information.

"Never Let You Lie" at St.Albans Live - Courtesy of Tinlin