THG Knobs.

Gibson Les Paul - Makeover Review.

THG are in the business of making exotic wood parts for your guitars, to replace stock plastic parts such as knobs, pickup rings and switch tips.

Not only do they offer a range of in stock items but also provide a wood matching service that ensures that the product you purchase matches your instrument perfectly.

For this review we have decided to swap out all the plastic parts on a Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus to Rosewood to embellish the instrument.


For this purpose we received from THG Knobs the following parts.

  • 4 x Rosewood Knobs
  • 2 x Pickup Rings (for Covered Humbuckers.)
  • 1 x Switch Tip


Installation for the switch tip and knobs is a very simple matter, the switch tip basically screws in and the knobs are inserted into the volume and tone pots and then held in place with a small Allen bolt, for which the Allen key is provided. This way the knobs are both compatible with split and solid shaft pots.

The rings are slightly more complex to install and involve loosening or removing the strings and unscrewing the stock rings removing the pickup (take note of the pickup height for later!) and assembling again. Nether the less nothing any musician could not accomplish with a bit of patience and care.

The finished product looks elegant and fits in with the Les Paulís Desert Burst finish and rosewood neck very nicely indeed.Fit and finish is also excellent with the rings matching the Les Paulís curved top very well.

In summary a very simple and effective upgrade that adds a touch of class to your instrument.

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By Ernest H Slade