Concert Review - The Rasmus

22/07/2006 Estepona, Malaga


 When Stevie Wonder wrote “Hotter than July” I’m sure he must have been vacationing around the “Costa de Sol, as amidst a heat wave, temperatures on the day of the concert, rose to nearly 40 Celsius!

 With this in mind we set off to see “The Rasmus” a Finnish commercial rock act in the town of Estepona in Malaga province.

 “The Rasmus” are mainly known for their hit single “In the Shadows” which came from their fifth album “The Dead Letters” which has to date sold over a million and a half copies worldwide,

 As a follow up the band have released  ‘Hide From The Sun’ with stunning tracks such as “No Fear” and “Night after Night”

 The Concert.

 First to perform was the support act, a local band called "Estirpe".  A heavy rock outfit, with technological overtones, they played for about 45mins or so as from 10.20 or so. We were pretty impressed at the raw energy this band overflowed and were also quite amazed at the singers antics, which included climbing onto the speaker towers !

 Once they finished and after the lengthiest setup and band change I have ever witnessed. (More than 30mins) “The Rasmus” came on at 11.30...

 Starting off with the infectious riff to “night after night” their set kicked off to the roar of the crowd. The band played all their hits from “Dead Letters” and “Hide from the Sun” and also some older songs... including one song in their native Finnish tongue.

 Below is a complete set list:

 Set List 

  • Night After Night
  • Lucifer's Angel
  • Guilty
  • Shot
  • Still Standing
  • Bullet
  • Immortal
  • First Day Of My Life
  • Heart Of Misery
  • Keep Your Heart
  • Broken
  • In My Life
  • Funeral Song
  • Sail Away
  • No Fear
  • In The Shadows
  • Encore:
  • Rakkauslaulu
  • Don't Let Go

The overall sound quality was superb and the band was really tight musically. Some sound effects and keyboards layers were used possibly from a minidisk or sampler as no keyboard player was present, but the rest of the instruments were played live.

For the Gear Spotters

 Bass Equipment: Warwick 6 string bass with Warwick amp,

Guitar Equipment: Yamaha AES guitar with 2 x full line 6 stacks.

Other Notes: In ear monitors used.


 A great concert indeed.

 By Ernest H Slade