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Peterson Strobosoft 2.0 Review

Peterson has been around since 1948, practically since the inception of the strobe based tuner. Since then and after producing many landmark models, to include the well known Strobostomp, Peterson has now turned its hand to software based tuners.

Recently released, the Strobosoft software sports a version for the ever popular Apple Iphone. Standalone Mac and PC versions are also available. These also incorporate a plug-in for your preferred DAW.

The version we will be reviewing is the Strobosoft 2.0 for PC together with its plug-in cousin.

Installation is simple enough with the usual windows installer which also provides online registration. This installs the standalone product and the DAW plugin.

In order to tune your instrument the first step would be to plug your guitar or bass into your preferred audio interface or an available input on your soundcard.

Then open the relevant Strobosoft version, and proceed as you would with a normal tuner going through each string lowest to highest.

The note indicator will show the incoming note and the strobe display will scroll, once it comes to a stop the note is tuned correctly. This is accurate to 0.1 per cent. Notes can also be selected manually if tuning in a noisy environment.

I would also recommend using the neck pickup on your instrument and rolling the treble all the way off this usually gives better tuning results with normal tuners. Getting a good level into the PC is also important; as if this is too low the tuner will have trouble adjusting.

Aside from basic tuning duties the software also provides a selection of "Peterson Sweeteners" which provide alternate tunings for different styles of music.

The Strobosoft is also very useful for setting up and intonation of instruments due to its accuracy.

I tested the software, with acoustic and electric guitars and also fretted and fretless basses and achieved excellent results each time.

An excellent alternative to hardware based tuners within your computer environment.

By Ernest H Slade

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Many thanks to Peterson Tuners for the Demo Product.