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Peterson StroboClip Review

Peterson tuners have been in the business of producing A-grade tuning devices for quite some time now, from desktop models designed for the discerning guitar tech, through pedal based devices for live use, to the latest software based products for working within DAW recording systems.

Their latest innovation the StroboClip brings the strobotic tuner to the arena of portable clip on tuners, useful for many instruments which in this case, need not be even electric for its use.

The StroboClip is a lightweight clip-on tuning device which with a foam pad to avoid marking your finish, clips onto the headstock of most stringed instruments. The device is housed in a handsome brushed aluminum casing together with a swivel clip to provide maximum flexibility as to its position on your instrument for easy and clear reading.

Powered by a long life lithium cell the bright orange display is easily seen and can tune your instrument to 1/10 cent accuracy which is in keeping with all other Peterson strobe products.

Basic operation is as easy as simply swiveling the clip into the desired position, clipping onto your instrumentís headstock and turning on the unit.

I tested the device on several guitars such as a Gibson 335 semi-hollow, Fender Stratocaster solid, a soprano ukulele and a dreadnought acoustic guitar all with great results and noticeably better tuning than your average tuner.

The tuner also offers 28 Peterson Sweeteners or Temperaments (as in the reviewed Strobosoft) for enhancing those chord voicings and solo runs, as well as a sustain mode to ease tuning instruments with short sustain such as a banjo.

All in all an excellent well made product which will enhance any instruments musicality.

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By Ernest H Slade

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Many thanks to Peterson Tuners for the Demo Product.