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Peterson Stomp Classic Tuner - Review.

classic5.jpg There are tuners and there are Tuners with a capital T, and the Stomp Classic definitely falls in the second category. In a die-cast housing resembling a small Sherman tank, the classic is a high quality digital strobe tuner designed to give a lifetime of service.

In the looks department the classic harks back to the design of the Conn ST-11 tuner with a contemporary twist.  It sports features such as 0.1 cent note accuracy across the tuning range, sweetened tuning presets for a variety of instruments both electric and acoustic, Buzz Feiten support, and much more.

It can also serve as an active DI box to enable a guitarist to get a clean signal to a PA or recording desk for example. The unit is also fully programmable using a PC or Mac to setup your own sweetened tuning presets via its USB port. This also allows for future firmware updates. Importantly for tone connoisseurs the unit is 100% true bypass so as not to alter your tone in any way.

classic2.jpg Onto it’s use the first thing one notices is the screw-less battery aperture and the lugs provided in order to mount the pedal securely onto a pedal board if one so wishes. This is a superb and simple innovation which should feature on all pedals.

The pedal fires up instantly when a ¼” cable is inserted into the quality switchcraft jack and the output is via ¼” jack to your amp with the option of having an XLR DI to your mixing desk as mentioned before.

The display is quite large and backlight in bright orange to ensure visibility in all conditions. Importantly the included easy to follow leaflet, suggests light picking of each string to ensure accuracy of tuning, I also personally find that using your neck pickup and rolling off the treble helps with any tuner as well.

I took the tuner with me to two functions to test it on the road. The first function was a BBQ in a Villa where I was hosting a get together for several musicians. We all tuned up using the Classic and everyone was amazed at the results. This included a variety of instruments such as a Gibson SG, Epiphone Les Paul, Fender Toronado, Musicman Stingray Bass, some acoustic guitars and a Fender Ukulele.

The next day I played at a wedding with my own band and again tuned all our guitars with the Classic, to include a Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Roscoe Beck 5-string and a nylon strung electro-acoustic again great results that could be heard, throughout a range of instruments.

In the near future I also intend to setup my Buzz Feiten equipped Washburn N4 with the Classic and post the results.

Indeed a worthwhile addition to any musician’s arsenal.

By Ernest H Slade

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