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Status Quo – Concert Review Gibraltar - 10-9-09

Some bands just seem to last forever and “The Quo” as known affectionately by fans is definitely the textbook definition of the eternally straight forward, rock and rolling band.

Formed by Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster in 1962 originally as “The Scorpions”, and after a transitional period in members and style, they finally settled on “Status Quo” in late 1967.

Lancaster later left the band and was replaced by John “Rhino” Edwards who is their bassist to this day. Rick Parfitt then joined in 1965 to form the famous Rossi and Parfitt dual guitar swinging front for the band and the rest is history.

Back to the concert, we arrived with plenty of time and got off to a good start with the support  act “Natura” who received a very warm and welcoming reception from the crowd. Natura provided us with a pleasing selection of original material and well known covers from acts such as AC/DC, Kiss and Bad Company.  The band came across as tight and professional, and in particular the lead singer/guitarist whose voice was more than appropriate for the likes of AC/DC!

After the supporting act, the stage was cleared and swiftly prepared as the crowd eagerly looked on with growing anticipation.

Then the Quo came on to dimmed house lights and a thunderous applause from the crowd.  They each took their stance, as if waiting for ‘lift-off’ and as they exploded into playing “Sweet Caroline”.

The crowd, the sound and the atmosphere was vibrant and energetic; with the sound of raw Marshall Tube and overdriven Telecasters in full glory.

The Quo then played a selection of all their greatest hits such as “Down Down”, “In the Army Now”, “Rockin all Over the World” plus some newer tunes such as the “Oriental”.

My personal favourite was “Don’t Drive My Car” with Parfitt taking the limelight for the legendary guitar intro.

Gear wise Francis and Rossi were touting there usual signature Telecasters, now in service with Quo for many years. Parfitt also used some of his “facelift” Telecasters which he is now commercialising and Rossi changed to the production version of his guitar for some songs.

Keyboard player Andy also sported a pair of Telecasters for a few songs, a white 60s thinline and a very elegant dark silver three pickup Tele.

After a frenetic hour and a half the band finished there set to a cry from the crowd for more, the Quo then came back on to play a short encore which pleased an ecstatic crowd..

It is clear that the Quo after so many years together, are definitely still the rock legends they always where and reminded us that deep down its all about good music.  Truly a concert to remember.

By Ernest H Slade –

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