Audio to Midi Converters without the Hassle

Sponsored by Sonuus Music Products Designed in the UK

Sonuus is a UK based firm producing an innovative line of audio to midi products for different applications.

This article will be looking into a trio of products that use their own pitch-detection algorithms that provide low latency and accurate tracking from audio input to midi signals.


We start with the G2M, which stands for Guitar to Midi. The G2M takes your guitar audio and convert it to digital midi signals which, can then be transmitted to a tone module or synthesizer, allowing you to trigger any of the sounds available to these.

The device is monophonic (can play one note at a time) so is best suited to replicating instruments such as solo brass, flute, and in fact any other sound where a lead line or riff needs to played.

To use the G2M you simply plug in your guitar to the device, and then through to your midi module or synth using a standard MIDI 5 pin cable.

This means that there is no need to install anything on or modify your instrument. Simply plug and play.

I tried the G2M with a Korg Micro Korg XL Synth, and instantly I was playing synth sounds from my guitar with ease. The Micro Korg has a varied palette of sounds with many retro synth sounds which suit the monophonic capabilities of the G2M.

Tracking is accurate and practically instantaneous.

I also found the unit to be small and light and so can easily be carried in any guitar case or gigbag, also as it is battery powered there is no need to carry cumbersome power adapters.

Also note the unit carries an onboard tuner.


This is the bass version of the G2M designed to handle the low note of a bass guitar. Again this was test and found to work well. Especially suitable for playing synth bass, double bass and similar patches.


The I2M is the USB version of the trio and is a general all rounder. It provides a class compliant (no need for special drivers) USB connection to your PC or MAC which will only Guitar, Bass and other instruments to be converted into midi for use with your favourite sequencer or VST instruments.


Something I found on all the units is that certain sounds worked better than others. For example brass, woodwinds, guitars, basses and even organs seem to work well, pads and long string sounds were more difficult to control however. Also very important the driving instrument must be well tuned and intonated and one has to play cleanly and muting unwanted notes etc for the best results.


A great trio of convertors which can each be applied to specific applications.

For more info and to order please visit the Sonuus website.

By Ernest H Slade