Reason – By Propellerhead Software

A lot of software gets tested at the Gear-Review office but this latest version of Propellerhead’s Reason certainly left us hooked on a great multipurpose recording and production system.

Hailed to be akin to a Swissarmy knife Reason provides us with unlimited audio tracks for recording, plus a full mixing system. Add to this an array of synths, effects and other plugins to allow complete freedom to translate that sound in your head into a polished finished product.

Should you need further options, Rack Extensions also allow other sounds to be added at a later stage,

Following the now familiar windows installer and after registration (The Mac version is also quite straightforward), the software fires up and prompts to load a demonstration song to show us it’s potential.

One is presented with an array of tracks, together with the mixer desk and of course a virtual rack containing all the software instruments and effects required.

These contain drum machines, synths, effects, and other virtual instruments that would normally be found in real life studio. Some are even from familiar brand names.

line6.jpg At first glance the software looks, well like real equipment. knobs, faders and other controls are just where they would be on their real life counterparts.These can additionally be controlled by an array of control surfaces for a more personal and effective interface to the product.

recording.jpg In fact things are so realistic that one can flip over the rack to route the cabling at will, or alternatively you can take it easy let Reason connect things up for you.

Further Reason supports Rewire to enable you to talk to your other music applications.

Recording itself is simple enough, allowing you to use real or VST instruments in linear mode or by copying loops, working these is within the graphical environment is easy and allows you to create rather than be stuck working out how to use the software.

Download a demo copy and try Reason for yourself.

By Ernest H Slade