Simple Pro Pedal Boards.

closeup2.jpg Pedal boards have been around for a long time, but not all are created equal. Many guitar players buy readymade models or indeed make their own but that involves time, effort and money.

Enter Pro Simple Pedal Boards, who provide standard sized boards as well as a handmade made to measure service.

Made from twelve millimetre marine ply, and protected by 3M primer, the boards are then trimmed with aluminium edges. Add to this an industrial strength Hi Bond Velcro, and these boards are built for the road.

full1.jpg Most importantly they offer a very low profile, as they sit one inch from the ground on rubber feet, this keeps your pedals low to the ground for optimal accessibility. Itís as if the board wasnít there.

Iíve been using one for several gigs without any issues and the lack of any obstructions certainly makes it easier to access the pedals.

Boards can also be customised and for example be built with or without handles.

My board is one of the smallest made suitable for around four standard size pedals and fits nicely a standard aluminium tool briefcase.

A worthwhile investment and a great addition to any guitar or bass playerís sonic arsenal.

By Ernest H Slade

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