Polytune Clip Review

TC Electronics have now entered the ever-growing clip-on tuner market with their Polytune Clip. The clip transfers the now well-known polyphonic string-tuning format (Ability to tune all your strings with one glance) to a portable clip on tuner which as we know offers easy tuning anywhere with most instruments.

Made of sturdy plastic and with a metal clamp the tuner looks well built and is powered by a 3 volt watch type battery which is said to last around 18 hours. The clamp is quite stiff and to be honest I would not recommend that owners of nitro finished guitars to leave it on their headstocks for prolonged periods of time. The display although compact, is very clear and bright, and is easily visible even during outdoor gigs in bright sunlight. However the body of the tuner does not twist like most clip on tuners and this makes the viewing angle a bit awkward.

As to its ability to tune itís a bit of a mixed bag. I tried it with several electric guitars such as Tele, Les Paul, Strat with no problems. However my bass player found it would sometimes find a dead spot and not register the notes from his 4 and 5 string basses.

Where clip on tuners are essential however is when it comes to acoustic instruments with no electronics. I tested the Polytune with a ukulele and an acoustic guitar with no problems.

For those advanced users the tuner also offers a strobe mode useful for ultra-accurate tuning for setting up intonation for example.

In theory a very good tuner which could had been better if the issues mentioned are seen to, maybe for the next version?

By E.H.Slade