Custom Made Pedal Boards. - Review 02-01-2014

 There are many Pedal boards available on the market nowadays but if you are after something special and specific you need to look away from mainstream manufacturers and get something custom made.

Enter Heath Verall, maker of Custom Pedalboards, who provides standard sized boards as well as a handmade, made to measure service.

The boards themselves are made from twelve millimetre marine ply, and then protected by 3M primer, the boards are then trimmed with aluminium edges.

Add to this an industrial strength Hi Bond Velcro, surface to accept your pedals and these boards are built for the road.

Most importantly they offer a very low profile, as they sit one inch from the ground on rubber feet, this keeps your pedals low to the ground for optimal accessibility. Itís as if the board wasnít there.

Boards can also be customized and for example be built with or without handles.

Add to this Heathís latest innovation; the retro looking tweed covered pedalboardand case.

This comprises the pedalboard itself plus a perfectly fitting tweed covered case that fits with four metal latches over the board. The interior of the case is also lined with foam to protect your devices and a comfortable leather handle is also provided.

Something to note is that when setting up your pedals take care to account for the width of the case fitting over the board other wise the case will not close properly.

A worthwhile practical, and visual investment for any guitar player.

By Ernest H Slade

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