Pandora PX4D
Pocket Effects Device - Review

Proof that size doesn't matter is in Korg's latest offering in the portable effects range with the new PX4D.

Seemingly slightly smaller than its predecessors, the 4D packs a whooping 158 effects types, which include realistic modelled amplifiers, speaker cabinets and standard effects such as distortion, delay, reverb and more. These are suitable for both guitar and bass, a first for such a small device.

As with previous incarnations of the Pandora, Korg's propriety REMS modelling technology is used. The device is mainly driven with sole purpose control knobs although changing parameters in effects etc. require use of simple menus.

A useful phrase trainer is provided, as are basic drum and bass patterns for practice, whilst the aux in jack allows connections to external CD, MP3 or other audio sources.

In summary and after a few months of use I find the 4D is extremely useful. Its small size means it can fit into almost any instrument case and can serve extremely well at jams, band practice, and for silent late night practice at home with headphones. Its chromatic tuner function, with its large backlit display also makes it excellent for tuning up when changing strings or maintaining your instrument even in dark locations.

Sound quality is also excellent with a good selection of effects, as well as amp and cabinet models, although not on par with more expensive modellers but nevertheless good enough for the range of intended applications for this device.

By Ernest H Slade