Wampler Brad Paisley Overdrive – Quick Review

Born out of a Brad’s want of a better and improved Ibanez Tubescreamer 808 tone live, the Paisley overdrive is a boutique handmade pedal. Wampler themselves recommend this pedal not only for Telecasters, but also for other single coil guitars and even other guitars fitted with humbuckers.

I tried it with a Telecaster into a Fender Blues Junior valve amp. The pedal gives us warm, gnarly tones whilst still being transparent. It can definitely sound like an 808 but push up the gain and it covers a wide tonal palette from throaty crunch to fluid solo tones.

Operation is quiet both with the effect on and off (true bypass).

Build quality is superb as is the eye catching artwork.

By Ernest H Slade

Click Here For MP3 Demo:
Recorded to DAW with Fender Blues Junior and Strat