Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
Signed in person by Les Paul

The Les Paul Faded Double Cut, is part of the faded series from Gibson, which offers a quality instrument to the guitarist at an affordable price. This is done by applying a “worn look” finish to the guitar, which requires no costly paint, lacquer and buffing process as we can see in the Gibson Factory review.

This model is finished in Gibson’s famous TV Yellow, a colour originally formulated to make the instruments more visible on black and white TVs of the era. It captures the vibe of the Les Paul Specials and Juniors issued from 1958-60 and additionally sports a pair of single-coil P-90 pickups, for vintage tone.

The body is made from Gibson’s usual material - mahogany and is quite thin compared to other Standard Les Pauls as there is no maple cap and it is not carved.

The 24¾ short scale neck is a very comfortable '60s-style slim-taper mahogany neck which, joins the body at the 22nd fret for easy access to the high registers. It features an unbound rosewood fingerboard, adorned with simple dot inlays.

All hardware is chrome-plated. The bridge consists of Gibson’s usual tune-o-matic /stop bar arrangement whilst simple white buttons are used for the tuners.

Now that we have covered the basic specifications lets talk a bit more about the sound and feel of the instrument. The Faded DC is unlike any Les Paul you will ever try, it is light comfortable to play whether standing or sitting and the neck is a breeze to handle.

The thinly applied paint allows the body to resonate freely and this is noticed in the tone, which is complemented by the p-90 pickups. This is a perfect guitar for blues as the p-90s sound very warm when overdriven.

The short scale allows for easy string bending and the double cut body makes access to both sides of the neck extremely easy.

The finish is the only “downside” on this instrument, as it consists on, what could be termed as a “worn in” look. Thankfully though unlike other aged guitars the hardware has not gone through the relic process.

On the other hand one can comprehend that in doing this Gibson are providing a great sounding guitar to clients at a very low price point.

Something else that makes this guitar special to me is the fact that is has been signed by Les Paul himself, you can read a review of his concert also on this website.

In summary, many of my guitarist friends and I agree that this is a great instrument for the price.

By Ernest H Slade

"To Ernie Keep Picking - Les Paul"
Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
Les Paul Signs my Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
Les Paul Signs my Les Paul
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