JamUp Pro for IOS Review. - 02-01-2014

Recently the trend for tablets and mobile devices to be used both in studios and live scenarios has now been turned into the norm. It is quite common to see musicians using portable computing devices in all genres of music are turning to for their lyrics, sound mixing, and even sound processing which is what this review will deal with.

Enter JamUp Pro for IOS. This handy application works with all compatible sound interfaces for IOS and allows you to plug your guitar/bass or other instrument into your IOS device.

Opening the application gives us the main screen with 46 models (With JamUp Pro XT) of well known amplifiers and effects. These can be modified on the touch screen and one can also change the order of the items in the signal chain.

The graphically interface is very intuitive and easy to use and depending on which amp or effect selected the screen you see mimics the layout and functionality of the original device.

Aside from a processor the application also includes, a multi track recorder, loop station, itunes jam player, tuner and metronome all of which can be useful for performance or practice.

In the Real World

Of course all this is fine on paper but does it work in the real world ? And my answer as a musician is yes, it does. Sounds are easy to select and tweak, I recorded a few demo tracks, and also used the Jam feature with no appreciable issues or lag. Also very impressive is the LIVE button which gives you a virtual pedalboard with large icons to select presets for different tones.


I tried the application using an iRig HD into an Ipad 4 and then through a mixer (all set flat) and then onto my pair of Alesis studio monitors. The guitar used was simply a 90s Korean Squier Strat which I acquired recently. The modelled amplifiers effects were quite realistic and the visuals on the ipad where also correct for each type of amp/effect. Operation was also quiet with no hum or noise unless you really crank things up on the heavier amp models.


A very useful and versatile application for musicians on the go.

By Ernest H Slade

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