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IK Multimedia IRIG Review - 07-12-2010

Within several years, Apple has gone from a niche brand catering for specialised needs to a global phenomenon mainly thanks to its iPod, iTouch, iPhone and most recently iPad series.

at-iphone-readmore.jpgIn my opinion one of the reasons for this success is the vast number of applications available for the touch screen range.

The Amplitube IRig is an example of a recently published application that allows one to connect a guitar or bass (or another line level instrument) to your device for use as an effects processor and recording tool.

Out of the box the iRig is quite simple. It provides a connection to your Apple device via the combined headphone/microphone socket and then has a breakout box which provides a ¼” jack input for your instrument. For output a 3.5mm standard stereo jack is provided, which can be used, to connect  headphones or for further connection to an external audio system.

Once the Amplitube application is installed from the itunes store, this launches into a visual interface which allows amplifiers, speaker cabinets, microphones and effects to work as a virtual rig. Together with the amp/cab/mike simulations, 3 stomp box effects can also be used. I found that the with touch screen interface the intuitive layout provides a very user friendly experience, as one can dial in the values directly on each knob or change the values on the large bar provided on the right which I personally find easier.

ipadgui01.jpgTaking into account that it is all been processed on a phone the whole rig sounds pretty impressive through a decent set of headphones. I tried several clean, crunchy and overdrive settings and was quite impressed. The stomp boxes provided are also good quality renditions of there real life counterparts, I especially liked the delay and phaser effects.

Aside from the core sounds and effects the application also provides a one track recorder (expandable to four via an upgrade) as well as a tuner and metronome. Up to fifty songs can be imported from your device memory so you can play along to these, and also use the slow down function to work out those difficult guitar solos or bass lines.

This makes the iRig invaluable as a one-stop solution for portable practice and recording of ideas.

All in all a very affordable solution that has been well designed and executed.

By Ernest H Slade

Audio Demo (Squier CV Tele into iRig output direct to DAW)

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