Incongnito – Live at the Jazz Café
Camden Town London 31/01/2014

As most of you who follow this site on a regular basis will know, I always look out for concerts whenever travelling and this was to be no exception.

When checking the latest listing for music in London during the last week of January, I noticed Incongnito was going to playing at the famous Jazz Café, in Camden Town.

Arriving at the venue I knew I was in for a treat. Firstly I was around 5 or 6th person in line and as we went into the club the equipment was already setup, allowing a close up look at all the bands gear.

Secondly the venue is not too large with a total capacity of around four-hundred patrons, some of which are located in the dining areas in the upper floors.

Getting back to the gear, the first thing that I wanted to look at was the iconic electric blue bass seen on their recent live performances and videos. I did notice when in use later that it was fitted with a hipshot tuner presumable for drop-D tuning.

A bit of later research shows the Jazz bass style instrument is made be a
Atelier Z Guitarworks of Japan.

Bluey the band leader and founder was using his usual Atelier Z telecaster style guitar with minimal pedals and a wah-wah, through a Roland JC120, an amp well known for its clean sounds and lush built in chorus effect.

On the keyboard front I spotted a Korg Triton (Synths Leads) , Nord (Electric Piano), Roland JP8000 (Effects), and a Roland master keyboard (RD Series) for piano sounds.

I also noticed that the brass players were from the school of thought that doesn’t allow anyone to polish their instruments!

I have a friend who is a Sax player and he swears the tarnishing affects the tone in a way that it makes the instrument sound mellower and smoother.

About an hour later with a packed and buzzing club and after been entertained by a great DJ, the show started, to a thunderous applause by the audience.

The core band members stared off with a funky riff, and then the four vocalists and Bluey himself walked down the stairs to the stage where they kicked off to “Love Has Come Around” followed by one of my favourites “Ain’t it Time

For anyone but especially a musician like myself, this band is an treat. Incredible levels of musicianship, a superb tight feel, great songs with strong vocals, great hooks and mind blowing solos.

Incognito then went through their set list as shown below for me standout songs were “Still a Friend of Mine” the band swap where all the members played different instruments and “Parisian Girl” their first hit.

Also the atmosphere at the venue was great with everyone visibly having a good time and moving along to the beat and even chatting between the songs about the performer’s talent and great vibe in the room.

Bluey made many comments throughout the show, and I think the most important to note is that this year is the band 35th anniversary and a celebratory show is planned with special guest.

A music lover’s dream concert.

By Ernest H Slade

Set List

1.      Love Has Come Around

2.      Aint it Time

3.      It’s Just One Of Those Things

4.      Above The Night

5.      I Hear Your

6.      Giving It Up

7.      Labour Of Love

8.      Mr Jones

9.      Good Love

10.  Still A Friend Of Mine

11.  Bluey’s Rap (Band Swap)

12.  Parisian Girl (Sax Solo)

13.  Drum & Percussion Solo

14.  Brazilian Love Affair

15.  Close My Eyes

16.  Always There

17.  Nights Over Egypt


1.      As (Tribute To Stevie Wonder)



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