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Microphone stand adapter for iPad

http://www.theipadfan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/moreinfo-iklip.jpg If youíre looking to go touchscreen during your live performances, be it guitar effects, lyrics, music score and much more, then the chances are that you are planning on bringing an iPad along with you. In the last couple of years developers have gone to town, with a large host musical apps for this device making it a very useful and practical piece of equipment to take with you when gigging.

But is your run of the mill music stand going to hold it safely on stage throughout the night? Probably not, but donít worry because this is where the iKlip comes in. The folks at IK multimedia have developed a support for the iPad that you can latch on to your microphone stand.

Handling the iKlip for first time, you will notice the quality of the materials. This is no cheap flimsy plastic all, but reassuringly high quality strong maerials that will hold your iPad safe and sturdy all night. The component that latches on to the mike stand is particularly thick and strong and should withstand a good amount of punishment.

The kit comes in four parts, plus a screw and adapters for the iPad2 and iPad 3rd generation. It does require some assembly to fit onto the mike stand although nothing major, especially if you just need to set it up once for a studio, boardroom or similar. The metal screw, which is necessary to attach the clip to the mike stand component, could have been replaced by a thumbscrew mechanism that does not require screwdriver to assemble. Especially if you †If you gig around a lot, portability could be more of an issue, having to assemble and dismantle it over and over, although musicians surely have heavier things to carry about so all part of the parcel in the end.

The iKlip grabs onto your iPad really well and will definitely not let go, although you will have to remove any cases from the iPad to do this. It has clips on the sides and bottom in a portrait position so it is easy to slide the iPad into place.

You can tilt the adapter at different angles with a large convenient knob to tighten it at the side, just like your mike stand. You can also tilt it for a landscape view, although lack of a clip on one of the sides does make me nervous since it is possible it could slide out. Again the metal screw becomes a nuisance here, as in order to change from portrait to landscape and vice versa you need to unscrew this with a screwdriver, change position, and screw again. This can be cumbersome if you use different apps which are best used in different positions.

Overall the iKlip is a great product, with a good design, and built to last with high quality materials. It has a few very minor quirks to work out as mentioned, but it is one of the best iPad stands out there. If you plan on going touch on your gigs, then you will probably want one of these.

Note: IK Multimedia just have just announced a new range of iKlip products, including support for iPad Mini and more.

For more details check out their press release:

By Keeran M Slade

Thank you to IK Multimedia for sponsoring this review.