SoundSpectrum G-Force & Softskies Product Review


Music visualizers have long been with us in familiar products such as Windows Media Player or Winamp, more recently these have also found there way onto phone, mp3 players and other such devices. G-Force provides the basic elements for visuals in products such as Apple's iTunes, Windows Media Center, Windows Vista OS, and more…….

G-Force is a stand alone product which plugs into your favourite music player or can also work with line in audio sources. This gives the user the flexibility to choose a variety of music sources for their visualization.

Sister product SoftSkies also is a music visualizer/screen saver that produces photo-realistic scenes based on cloud patterns with stunning colours

With uplifting cloud designs and amazing imagery SoftSkies is the ideal companion to relax with whilst playing your favourite music.

Together with the cloud scenes SoftSkies also displays real life scenic photos with animated cloud scenes for the ultimate ambience.

Installation of both products is simple and straightforward with the usual windows wizards

The Gold version also includes a toolbar where visual elements can be chosen and customized. Features can also be controlled and instant screenshots snapshots.

Also included is V-Bar, this allows G-Force visuals to be displayed on your desktop while you use your computer. The V-Bar is set to always be seen and can be located anywhere you wish on your desktop.


A great product, with true potential for a diversity of applications.

By Ernest H Slade



Thanks to Rick Erble at personal use demos can be downloaded from their web site.

Demo videos available at







Sample Screen
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Gforce and Softskies Commercial Use Information
from the Soundspectrum Website.)

SoundSpectrum for Commercial Use and Public Display: 

G-Force and SoftSkies are also used in performances, nightclubs, theme parks, music festivals and retail environments throughout the world. Artists such as David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Journey, Aerosmith, Seal, Herbie Hancock, Raq, Fischerspooner and Michael W. Smith have used G-Force in their concerts and as part of their album releases. G-Force has also appeared in places as diverse as The Arizona Symphony, Germany’s Hamburg Planetarium, New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas, at the G-Force Rollercoaster at Drayton Manor Park in Staffordshire and on video walls at TopShop stores in downtown London, England.

How does G-Force/SoftSkies work as an enhancement to a band/DJ's live performance?

As the band/DJ plays, mesmerizing visuals that dance and react with the music are projected / displayed behind and around them. You can add your own pictures, logos, text or even video of the band/DJ to play along in the background meshed with the visuals too. The venue would need a video screen (LCD, LED, plasma, CRT, etc.) or a video projector with silk/ projector screen (or white wall) that is positioned behind the performer. This would be connected to a mini mac, or pc laptop to run the software. We are happy to furnish commercial licensing terms for performers or venues, upon request.

How does G-Force/SoftSkies work as an enhancement to a band/DJ's album releases?

We are currently creating videos, videotones, wallpapers, online video singles and other dual disc & enhanced CD content meshing our G-Force and SoftSkies visuals with pictures, existing live and stock video and music from DJ’s, musicians and artists in many genres and on many labels.

These videos can be made as full screen HD, video iPod and/or cell phone compatible and can be sold and distributed separately online. Or they can be bundled and packaged to offer extra incentive for consumers to buy the actual CD package from retail instead of downloading specific songs from the web.