American Deluxe Fender Fat Stratocaster
A Strat with a difference.

Arguably the most famous of all electric guitar designs the Fender Stratocaster (Known as “Strat” to most) has shaped many a hit record in multiple styles of music in the hands of players such as Hank Marvin, Jimmy Hendrix, Dick Dale, Mark Knophler but only to name a few. The list could take up pages and pages.

But this particular version of Leo Fenders best selling guitar is different. Why? Simple, most guitar players associate the Stratocaster with a guitar that has 3 single coil pickups. The “Fat Strat” is called so as it employs a humbucking pickup in the bridge position to add greater versatility to the guitar.

Built in Fenders state of the art factory in Corona California, the American Deluxe series is built to the highest quality available and bar Custom Shop Guitars is Fenders top of range.


This Strat features the usual contours for player comfort and a new distinctive neck shape that plays like a dream. In the pickup department two single coil Fender Vintage-Noiseless pickups are complemented by a DH-1 humbucker in the bridge. The two single coil Noiseless pickups are nicely balanced with the humbucker and volume levels are even when switching with the 5-way selector.

Polished chrome locking machine heads, a locking tremolo with polished steel saddles together with an LSR Roller Nut provide excellent tuning stability. The fretwork on this guitar is excellent, including all edges, which are nice and smooth. Visual features include abalone dot inlays, and aged plastic parts. Very welcome Strap-Locks are also standard issue.


Anyone who has played a Fender before will feel at home on this guitar. It is comfortable in all aspects and is an open invitation to play for hours on end.

The jewel in this instrument is certainly the DH1 humbucker, which can provide tones unheard of from a traditional Stratocaster with a high output that can bring the best out of distorted sounds.


The guitar is supplied with a moulded hard, case, Fender Cable, Strap and Polishing Cloth.


An excellent up to date version of Leo Fenders most famous instrument.


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