The eNut offered by Superior Sound Designs is a practical solution to an age old problem of chords sounding out of tune in certain positions; this is especially true of open chords need the nut, which can tend to sound sharp.

The eNut offers a practical and affordable solution to this problem, which can be installed without modifying your favourite instrument permanently if you so wish.

The product is offered in various versions and sizes, both in bone and metal. For this review we have a metal brass eNut which we are going to fit onto our Stratocaster style guitar.

As mentioned before fitting is simple and is done following simple instructions with clear photographs on the supplier’s website.

These can be found at the link below;



Additionally all the required supplies and tools can be purchased from the same page.

The installation took around 30 minutes or so and after playing the instrument for a few songs a few minor tweaks were required but overall I must say it was a quick and easy procedure.

The results? Well as promised the brass eNut, gives your guitar better tone. Notes ring, and have better sustain and both open and barre chords sound in pleasantly in tune!

A worthwhile upgrade for a very modest price.

By Ernest H Slade