Duran Duran Concert Review

5th April 2005, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Some Information

As of late the eighties seem to be back in fashion and this shows especially with music. Legendary bands such as Blondie, The Pixies, and Culture Club amongst many others have returned and not to escape current trends one of the biggest acts of the eighties Duran Duran have reformed with their original line-up.

The band never really spilt up but never the less changed into different configurations which even spawned spin off groups, such as Power Station (with the magnificent late Robert Palmer) and Arcadia, until June 2001 when the band reformed with its original members.

They consist of:

Simon Le Bon: Lead Vocals

Nick Rhodes: Keyboards

John Taylor: Bass

Andy Taylor: Guitar

Roger Taylor: Drums.

Fast forward to the present and our review which takes place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada where Duran Duran were performing at as part of their US and Canada tour which promotes their new album “Astronaut”.

The venue, which is normally used for NHL Hockey, and NBA Basketball and other sports, was packed to capacity with a crowd close to 20,000 people.  

The Concert.

The lights go out, the crowd roars, and together with special effects lighting a heartbeat sound slowly gets louder while the members of the band appear on stage in the shadows.

Simon Le Bon appeared to a thunderous applause and sings “the music between us…” and breaks into “Reach Up for the Sunrise” the bands latest hit single which is well received.

The light show was impressive with a UFO type rotating unit which keeps gyrating in every possible direction. This was also enhanced with images projected at the back of the stage which suited each song.

The sound is slightly muffled for the first few songs but thankfully it clears up perfectly to provide a perfect concert going experience.

The band then breaks into hit after hit after hit, with songs such as “Hungry Like a Wolf” and “Save a Prayer”, which the crowd enjoys immensely.

Towards the middle of the concert Nick Rhodes showcases his keyboards skills, while he played the instrumental “Tiger Tiger” on his own. Simon Le Bon then joins him “The Chauffeur” for which the full band joins for the climax of the song.

This was followed by the crowd favourite “View to a Kill” from the 007 movie of the same name, and my own personal favourite “Ordinary World” from the unofficial titled “Wedding Album”

This was continued after by another string of hits to end with a song recently covered by the band “Phixx“Wild Boys”, to lead into an encore after a short pause, which draws the concert to an end with “Girls on Film” where the band intros took place.

Aside from the five original members of the band a special mention must also be made for Andy Hamilton on Saxophone and Ana Ross on backing vocals.

The Gear

John Taylor exclusively used a Peavey Cirrus Bass throughout the performance, a fine bass indeed. Andy Taylor mostly alternated between a Fender Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul, also using a Gibson 335 and for one song a Line 6 Variax to great effect mixing acoustic and distorted sounds in one song.

Nick Rhodes had an impressive array of keyboards including the recently released Korg Triton Extreme, his trusty old Roland Jupiter 8 and also an Apple Powerbook Laptop, which contained samples of sounds and effects for many of the songs.


An excellent concert both in the audio and visual aspect.

By Ernest H Slade


Full Set List.

  1. Reach Up For The Sunrise
  2. Hungry Like A Wolf
  3. Planet Earth
  4. Hold Back The Rain
  5. Astronaut
  6. I Like Noise / I Don’t Want Your Love
  7. Come Undone
  8. What Happens Tomorrow
  9. Chains
  10.  Tiger Tiger (Instrumental)
  11. The Chauffeur
  12. View To A Kill (007 Theme)
  13. Ordinary World
  14. Save A Prayer
  15. Bedroom Toys
  16. Notorious / We Are Family
  17. Nice
  18. The Reflex
  19. Careless Memories
  20. Wild Boys


  1. White Lines
  2. Wild Boys
  3. Girls On Film / Band Intros