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Fender Cyber Deluxe Amplifier Review


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What a great Fender product. It sounds good at low or high volume. It's perfect to gig with too. The built in effects are just awesome, in mono like in stereo. And if you can slave another amp to the Cyber-Deluxe, be prepared to experience something huge!

If you're open-minded with regard to new technologies - we are now in the XXI century, don't forget! - you'll really like this amplifier. You'll agree with Fender and understand why they insist so much to make it clear that their Cyber products don't use the same modelling technique as others companies. When you tweak the EQ and a Blackface amp type is selected, the amp really does act as a Deluxe Reverb for example and really as Bassman if you select some tweed types! Nothing less! We need to compare apples with apples and up to now, no other products on the market, to my knowledge, use the same kind of algorithm to virtually reconfigure the circuitry of an amp in a so faithful way.

The Cyber-Deluxe really worth taking time to try it really seriously to appreciate it at its right value. If you do not master many musical styles or if your technique need to be polished a bit, you will have probably nasty surprises if you take a tour by dialing each preset, while playing your favourite riffs! Just ask an experienced guitarist to play with the amplifier while you're listening.

The different presets will inspire various musical styles to him and he will be able to adapt its technique to the style. It is not given to all to play of the Jazz, Heavy Metal, the Rock 'n'  Roll, Surf, Blues, Pop, Country, etc. correctly, with the appropriated picking style, but a good guitarist can do it... In that way you will be able to really appreciate the potential of this type of amplifier. Anybody who listened to Greg Koch will understand what I mean!

As far as I'm concerned, I really started to appreciate the Cyber-Deluxe when I discovered, by reading the user manual BEFORE trying it, that there was a "manual" mode on that amp, that allows you to start from zero and to build your own presets (though you can also start with a factory preset and save the modification as a new one). This approach makes it possible "to control the animal" slowly but surely! Try it that way and You'll appreciate the results!

Later, using MIDI, you'll be able to store an infinite number of presets on your computer. You'll even be able remote control the Cyber-Deluxe from your computer! A lot of fun.

A good Strat or Tele and, a Cyber-Deluxe: All you need to be very happy and appreciate a fine Fender product !

By Rene Lamy