Awesome Guitars – Telecaster Control Plate – Review.

Ever since electric guitars were first produced, players have always tried to find ways to produce further variations of the sounds originally possible from their instruments. Think back to the in-between positions on a Stratocaster, or the change in wiring on the first Telecaster to allow full use of all pickups.

Bearing this in mind we are reviewing today the Awesome Guitars T2 custom control plate that allows 6 unique tones on a telecaster style guitar equipped with two single coil pickups.


The guitar chosen for this test is a Squier CV Telecaster Custom, in stock form.

First before installing the new control plate I would suggest that you take photographs of the current wiring and if possible draw a diagram to reflect the current setup.

Once this is done then simply cut the wires from the pickups, control jack and earth connections to the control plate.

Tip: cut these as close to the connection as possible.

Next wire the pickups and input jack to the new control plate using the push fit connectors on the T2 connector block.

Also you need to check if the control plate will fit into the cavity. Some guitars made in the Far East such as mine have an extra piece of wood which will need to be removed.

For exact instructions please refer to the document provided by Awesome Guitars


As we all know the standard three sounds available on a Telecaster which are;

·         Neck  Pickup

·         Both Pickups in Parallel (Normal Phase)

·         Bridge Pickup

The upgrade gives us the following three new sounds ;

·         Bridge and Neck Pickup (in parallel, reverse phase)

·         Bridge and Neck Pickup (in series, normal phase)

·         Bridge and Neck Pickup (in series, reverse phase)


Well the results are definitely interesting; with some sounds I never thought I would hear from a Telecaster, include a very nasal sounding reverse phase sounds . However there are several aspects of the control plate which I would think need improving.

Appearance: Most guitarists I am sure would prefer a chrome plated control plate with as opposed to the plastic one. I believe this will offered in the near future.

No solder terminals: Awesome guitars have sold many of these units with no issues, but some old school guitarists (myself included) would prefer solder terminals or at least screw on terminals for better electrical continuity and reliability.

Ease of use: Some of the mini switch combinations give no sound, and to be honest can be confusing, better documentation and perhaps an instructional video would be useful to allow users access to all the sounds.

All in all definitely a useful upgrade which thinks outside the box to provide guitarists with added tones to their sonic arsenal.

By Ernest H Slade

For further information please visit the Awesome Guitars website

Awesome Guitars website