Amplitube Fender Edition - Review.

Amp modelling within your digital audio workstation is now a reality amongst many users.

This is possible as one can harness the power, of a normal personal computer to emulate amplifiers, effects and other devices, with no need for expensive hardware,

AmpliTube Fender collects a selection of amplifiers and effects made famous by Fender throughout time and puts these within a mouse click as a standalone program or for integration within your favourite DAW.

The software is made in collaboration with Fender Musical Instruments so you can be sure, that the portrayals of each amplifier and effect are as realistic and accurate as possible.

The product encompasses 49 items of equipment from the 59 Bassman, 65 Twin Reverb, to the more up to date and popular Champion 600, plus effect like the Fender Blender and Fender Reverb.

Microphone modelling is also included, as is the ability to mix and match amps, mikes and cabinets to combinations that suit the user or for that far out sound never imagined possible.

A digital tuner and a speed trainer complement the package together with the Riffworks T4 Recording Software.

Using Amplitube.

Once the usual loading process and registration is complete Amplitube Fender can be used as a standalone product or with your DAW.

Both options load up a pictorial representation of your amplifier, cab and effects, with settings than can be changed in real time.

Sounds are crisp and resemble the originals closely; the ability to mix and match can also produce some dramatic sounds.

The virtual pedal board also allows you to add a variety of effects to your sound.

Also aside from the standalone package the VST plugin can be used to record tracks straight into your DAW or to reprocess tracks that have already been recorded to give them that extra sparkle.

Once you find that elusive sound this can also be saved as a preset and further presets can also be obtained online.

The standalone version also sports the useful speed trainer which has a nifty audio player which allows the player to slow down fast passages without affecting the pitch of the songs.

A revolutionary product, which signals the future of guitar processing.

By Ernest H Slade

Thanks to IK Multimedia for the Review Product

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