The Mobile Musician Ė Part 2

IK Multimedia iLoud and Blueboard Review. -12/08/2014

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As those of you who follow this site will know we have recently been looking several different products aimed at IOS devices.

However two things which are quite essential and required during live performances have not been addressed: Amplification and Sound Switching.

Amplification: iLoud

Most of our readers using the iRig series of products normally use headphones or some sort of an adapter to connect to an amplifier or hi-fi system. Enter the iLoud. Itís a studio quality portable sound system with built in Bluetooth connectivity which allows one to connect a myriad of devices such as smartphones and tablets in order to wirelessly stream music.

However the iLoudís real strength lies in its cabled connectivity.

Plug a guitar (or other Hi-Z instrument) into the rear facing 1/4Ē Inch jack and then plug in your mobile device and launch your favorite mobile app such as Amplitube and this enables you to start playing along or recording whilst monitoring your progress through the iLoud.

To make carrying the iLoud easier a travel bag is also available separately for purchase.

With an autonomy of around 10 hours when fully charged and fantastic sound quality the iLoud is an excellent companion for mobile

I tested the iLoud in several different situations.

Firstly whilst doing some lengthy DIY at home (in this situation I normally hook up my Ipad or Laptop to a pair of wired speakers) and it performed well, great sound quality and easy to pair with my smartphone. I also took it along to a outdoor birthday party with 60 guests to provide background music and again there was more than enough volume to provide a quality soundtrack to the event.

The Iloud also has a built in iRig circuit which allows you to plug your gutiar straight into the device and channel your Amplitube effects to the iLoud for powerful personal practice.

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Sound Switching: BlueBoard

Another issue mobile musicians face, is that of sound switching. You use your smartphone or tablet with an application loaded with effects so far so good. However if you want to play within a band context or even if practice at home how do you switch patches, for a solo for example?

Enter the Blueboard. This device connects via Bluetooth to your IOS device via a provided application and provides 4 user assigned buttons that can control any IOS application such as Amplitube, Garageband and many more.

The buttons are backlit for easy visibility on stage and the unit is housed in a sturdy chassis

Two TRS connectors are also provided for further expansion, with devices such as expression controllers.

Getting the Blue Board going proved to be a bit tricky and I hope the steps outlined here will help those who purchase the device.

In the first instance you need to download the Blueboard application from the App Store on your IOS device in the usual way. Under settings scan for your Blueboard (which should be already on) and add this to the connection.

The under settings turn the option on for "Control Changes"

Thirdly and very importantly you need to register both the Amplitube and BlueBoard app on the IK Multimedia site.

Do this on your PC using the link below and be sure to add your BlueBoard serial number. Once this is done login to both apps using your IK login.

Finally open the BlueBoard app then switch to Amplitube (Double press the device button then select Amplitube)

The last step is to hold and press each stomp pedal †(on the ipad) for 10 seconds this will take them into learning mode, then press the corresponding button you wish to assign on the BlueBoard.

Simple !

In use the board works well, I tried it with Amplitube and could easily select different pedals as I was playing a song.

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By Ernest H Slade

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