Eastwood Classic 6 Review.

Since 2001 Eastwood have been producing and marketing exciting guitars based on retro designs such as the Eastwood Airline made famous by Jack White of the White Stripes. This publication reviewed shortly the Airline after its launch.

Most of the guitar and bass designs available are normally what one what term unusual and are certainly set apart from traditional guitar forms.

On this occasion, we will be reviewing the Eastwood Classic 6, which in contrast to most of the Eastwood line is quite traditional in its design.

The Classic 6 echoes design traits from several guitars. It is loosely based on a Gretsch double-cutaway Country Gentleman, it does however have a solid centre-block as in a Gibson 335 and also sports shark fin markers as found on some Rickenbacker instruments.


Out of the box the Classic 6 certainly provides a certain wow factor, with its deep and rich walnut finish together with its gold mirrored pickguard. The guitar holds an elegance and classy air about it, whilst still maintaining the need to rock n roll.

First impressions are good. The guitar feels well-made and solid. A bit of adjustment on the bridge height was effected to remove a tiny bit of rattle and I also raised the height on the bridge pickup as the volume seemed lower than that of the neck.

After warming up, playing general chords and lead work felt good on the Classic 6 which sounded well both through my Line 6 Flextone modelling amplifier and also on my Blues Junior valve amp.

Also although this is a big guitar at seventeen inches wide, I find it comfortable to play both sitting down and standing a position in which it also seems well balanced with no neck dive.



On to the specifications and features front, this instrument features a 24 ¾” scale length glued in set neck made from maple. A separate bound rosewood fingerboard sits atop this which itself sports shark’s teeth inlays.

The body is 17” wide and is made from laminated maple. It is also double bound as are the f-holes which, I think is a nice touch. The rich walnut finish really comes through the flamed maple top.

As to the electronics, the Classic 6 comes with two filtertron-esque humbucking pickups. These are controlled by a 3-way switch on the upper bout together with individual volume controls. These are mounted forward on the lower bout for the neck pickup and at the back for the bridge pickup. One lone master tone control sits next to this.

Hardware wise a Tune-O-Matic Bridge supports the strings towards the elegant tailpiece, whilst in the tuning department gotoh style items are used. All hardware is finished in chrome.

Playability and Sound.

Personally I am of the opinion, as are many guitarists that if an unplugged electric guitar sounds good acoustically this will be amplified and come through when plugged in to an amplifier.

This is very true of the Classic 6. With its solid centre block and semi-hollow body the guitar rings true and loud when played unplugged a sign that the woods and construction have been correctly executed.

Plugged in the Eastwood takes on another life. The neck pickup sounds especially warm and organic and instantly becomes my favourite. The bridge pickup also sounds good (especially after been raised a little) with a good bite and trebly twang.

Fit and Finish

0380classic6walnutFINAL.jpg The instrument is well finished for its price point with no noticeable flaws or issues, the binding is well executed and good quality materials are used throughout. The only thing I would change on this instrument if using in a gigging scenario would be the tuners as they seem to detune a little after hard bends or heavy playing, however these might settle down with more use and as the strings stretch.


A very interesting and capable instrument, at a very affordable price point. The Classic 6 is available, in walnut (as reviewed), as well as in white and orange. A left hand walnut option is also available as is a form fitted hard case.

Eden Roc the European distributor also adds the interesting option of a bigsby tremolo instead of the fixed bridge.

Long Term Review.

For the first time in this publication we have decided to make this review on-going that is, a long term test. Many reviewers tend to write about the item in question a few days or weeks after receiving it and I would think that a long term test where the guitars performance, quirks etc are documented over a longer period of time would interest readers and help readers find out more detailed information on this instrument.

By Ernest H Slade

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