Visual Sound 1 SPOT
by Ernest Slade

How many of you use multiple pedals, stomp boxes and other devices that require different power requirements or even 9-volt batteries?

For the price of a handful of batteries enter the 1 SPOT. This clever little transformer powers almost any type of pedal or multi effects pedal.

So far I have been able to power 3 BOSS pedals (of different power types) and 2 small Zoom units such as the 505 or 506 all at the same time.

Thatís a total of 5 units from 1 power supply.

Hum and interference in our PA system was noticeable reduced as the 1 SPOT takes the place of several transformers. The more transformers you have the more interference you are likely to get.

Also the previously battery driven pedals now have a consistent tone every time as opposed to the change that occurs as your batteries are losing their charge.

A well recommended product to improve your sound and decrease your cost per gig!

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By Ernest Slade